Multitouch Table on the Cheap

Ok, maybe not ‘cheap’… but a lot less than the Microsoft Surface. Engadget reports about a new product by a company named Merel that has created a multitouch table for a bargain basement $3,995. That’s a steal! It’s got a 3.2ghz Quad Core processor, 720p 32 inch display, and a dedicated Radeon HD video card (a card which I personally find fairly nice).

If you ask me, this is possibly the first brick in tearing down the financial wall keeping surface-esque tables from reaching the house. The key to pushing these out to every home is finding the ‘magic app I can’t live without’.

One Comment to Multitouch Table on the Cheap

  1. I would like to buy this product , can u plz tell me where is it available from? Can u ship it to New Delhi, India?


    Sanjay Sacchdev

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