GAW Contest winners and answers.

As we head back into the 51 weeks a year where we think Geography Awareness Week is every week, we need to look back announce our final winners and the answers to the week’s questions. We would like to congratulate all of our winners and to point out our next anniversary contest that will be starting just around the corner in April.

Field Assets App winners – Aaron from St Louis, Robert from San Francisco, Rafa from Portland, Shawn from Austin, Lee from Decatur, and Andrew from Utah

SWAG winners – Josh from Asheville, Jess from DC, Andrew from Meadville, Sriharsha from Fairfax, Pete from Asheville and Joe from Long Island

The questions and answers for last week…

  • What country is home to Lake Nasser? – Egypt
  • What is the longest river in Alaska? – Yukon
  • What wavelength results in green (in nanometers)? – between 500-560 nm
  • What is the description of relationships between elements within and between vector objects? – Topology
  • What famous park in NY City did Fredrick Law Olmstead help to design? – Central Park (or others)
  • What is your favorite thing about Geography? – a little bit of everything
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