North Carolina World Geography Bowl

Last Friday (Sept 25) I attended the NC World Geography Bowl regional meet in Greensboro. The list of schools that participated was short: UNC Greensboro, UNC Charlotte, Appalachian State, East Carolina, and UNC Pembroke. Two PhD programs, 2 MA programs, and our little Geography minor program 🙂 I was surprised that more schools in NC do not take part in the event since there are so many schools around the state that have at least a few geographers on campus…then again I am not sure how WV decides its Geography Bowl team since I don’t think there is a WV Geography Bowl Meet before SEDAAG at all (anybody know?).

These 5 schools went through 5 rounds of 10 toss up questions (buzz in to answer) and 2 team questions. Each team took at least one round but it was UNC Charlotte and UNC Greensboro who were the top two teams in the round robin leading them to the final round. Before the final round there was an exhibition round between a group made up of members of ECU, ASU, and UNCP teams against a local high school team from Grimsly High School. The university student team pulled it out but it was close.

The final round was fun, if not entirely geography related at times, with two theme rounds based on the geography of movies. In the end it was the home team from UNC Greensboro who took the trophy this year. All of the teams did a great job and I definitely look forward to next fall for the next NC World Geography Bowl. I am also throwing down the gauntlet to other NC colleges and universities to make their way to next year’s NC WGB.

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