License plate spotting – a fun way to learn about geography

Once a week, I like to check out my hometown newspaper’s website, and enjoy the fun small town stories (some of which are about people I went to high school with and haven’t seen in 20 years). This week, a fun little article caught my eye about 2 Penn Yan kids who decided to keep track of the license plates they saw around town during the summer tourist season. When you grow up in a small lakeside town that attracts a lot of tourists, it’s always fun to see the different places people come from.

Between late June and mid-September, Billy and Aeronwenn Lavin identified license plates from 47 different states (the only ones they did not see were Montana, Idaho and Hawaii). The kids kept a map and colored in each state as they identified a license plate.

It’s a really simple and fun way that kids can learn about geography, and also learn a little bit about their own hometowns and how it’s connected to the world around them.

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