EMAGIN – the British Horse Society’s GIS


As a former horse owner, exercise rider, and all-around horsey person, I think the British Horse Society’s EMAGIN – Equine Mapping and Geographic Information Network – is a really cool GIS project and I just had to give it a mention. With the goal of creating a database of equestrian-related information, including routes for riding in the countryside, the EMAGIN project received an Awards for All England grant to help with the project. Currently the project is ongoing, with some riding routes available for download in a form that can be manually overlaid on Ordnance Survey maps.

Future plans include an online version of EMAGIN, and the BHS is looking for help in mapping coastal riding areas, among other tasks.

So, if you’re a horse enthusiast in the UK, definitely check out EMAGIN. For those riders and horse owners in other countries, you might be thinking how you could utilize GIS for lots of horse-related things, including directories of services and farms, mapping trails, etc.