Announcing something at Where 2.0?

We aren’t able to make it out to San Jose for Where 2.0 next week thanks to the need to wrap up the semester, BUT…if you are announcing a product or talking about a great project we would be greatly interested in doing a quick phone interview with you in the next couple of weeks. If you are interested in sharing with our listeners please contact us and we will get the interview ball a-rollin’!

If you are interested in sharing, but won’t have time to set aside for an interview you can call and leave a 1-3 minute voicemail (304-756-8125) giving an overview of your product/project that we can play on the podcast. And of course there is always the press release email.

For those of you who ARE going to Where 2.0 have a great time and hopefully we will make it next year (we seem to do the even years…’06, ’08…’10?)

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