Want your own supercomputer – just grab some PS3s!

Last year, scientists such as Physics professor Gaurav Khanna of UMass Dartmouth and Frank Mueller, a computer science professor at NC State, made news in tech and scientific circles by creating supercomputing clusters from Sony Playstation 3s. Their clusters have the same computing power as a small supercomputer, but the cost is only around $5000, compared to the millions that supercomputers generally cost.

Now, the new PS3Cluster Guide has become available online, and gives instructions and tips on how you can set up your own supercomputer with PS3s. Written by Khanna and his colleague Chris Poulin, the guide was developed as part of the Cluster Workshop project, which is being partially funded by the National Science Foundation. and was first announced and demonstrated at the 2nd Annual Georgia Tech, Sony/Toshiba/IBM Workshop on Software and Applications for the Cell/B.E. Processor.

So, get your spare change together and start supercomputing!

Via Physorg.com

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