Life With Playstation – Sony’s Virtual Globe for the PS3

During Sony’s keynote at the Tokyo Games Conference in 2006, the former head of Playstation, Ken Kutaragi, briefly mentioned his vision for the PS3 and specifically talked about a global mapping system for the PS3 (see our previous post here). Last week in Tokyo, Sony held a strategy meeting open to the press, where they showed video previews of 2 upcoming Sony products that are part of this vision of an interconnected local and global virtual world. Since I was trapped in North Carolina without broadband access, I didn’t get a chance to post about it until now. The first preview, for Home, has already gotten a lot of attention and is currently in closed beta with a release later this year. The second demo, however, is much more interesting and I had not heard anything about it until now. It is called the Life With Playstation service, and seems to be a virtual globe application with real-time web services. Over at Digital World Tokyo, you can see the brief video demos for Home and Life With Playstation (the second video). Since the audio is in Japanese, I wasn’t able to get the particulars that were being discussed with the video. Still, it looks pretty cool, and is part of a growing interest in offering virtual globe applications and web services through networked gaming consoles.

Via techradar

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