Are you Twittering

Not only did I jump on Facebook, but I also took the Twitter plunge. Now I want to find folks to follow. I, of course, would like a hint of spatial discussion, but I am willing to follow others who are just rambling as well, comment with your twitter feed or email me the details.

One reason I joined Twitter was to keep up with the amusing Merlin Mann’s tweets, but I plan to use it to moblog our comings and goings this spring and summer at conferences (AAG, Where 2, ESRI UC, Historical GIS, URISA are the current plan). If you want to keep up with us and my general musings you can follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my twitter RSS feed, or visit my sad, lonely, long unposted to personal blog which I just moved to a different domain and who’s current purpose is to mirror my twitter feed just so it doesn’t go another year without an update 🙁

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