Footage of PS3 Home Beta Trial – Sony’s interactive 3D world

Awhile back, we talked about Sony’s upcoming 3D virtual world/social network for the Playstation 3, dubbed Home. Right now, Home is in a closed beta trial, and is scheduled for release in early 2008. and Veoh recently posted a 25-minute walkthrough of the beta of Home, showing some of each features and 3D environments. The look of Home is impressive, and the realistic 3D graphics and embedded multimedia and interactive capabilities are pretty cool. Unlike Second Life, Home’s basic environment is pre-designed to look like a typical real world environment, although users can customize their avatar’s look and get their own apartment to customize as well. Home’s main focus is as a 3d online social network, but it demonstrates again how advanced 3D graphics applications are converging with the idea of creating virtual worlds that are based on real-world data and features.

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