Book – “Geospatial Analysis”

I am not sure how I missed something like this, but Drs de Smith, Goodchild, and Longley, released a book entitled Geospatial Analysis – a comprehensive guide. Now in its second edition (2006, 2007), the important thing about the book, beyond the content and the reputation of the authors, is that while you can get a bound version or PDF for a charge, there is an amazing amount of information available on the website…aka the book. This is a great resource for those who need to look up something quickly or for those who are new to geospatial analysis methods and tools and need a strong introduction. The sections of the book are:

  • Conceptual Frameworks for Spatial Analysis
  • Historical and Methodological Context
  • Building Blocks of Spatial Analysis
  • Data Exploration and Spatial Statistics
  • Surface and Field Analysis
  • Network and Location Analysis
  • Geocomputational methods and modelling
  • While this are the broad sections, the book gets into some great details like Trend analysis of continuous data (under ESDA) and Verification and calibration of agent-based models (under Geosimulation). I will definitely be talking about this in Episode 120 this weekend, and I will try to get a review of the web version up in the next couple of weeks.

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