Wi-Fi geographies – analyzing Wi-Fi infrastructures

Paul Torrens, a professor at Arizona State University (who did his PhD work at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UC London), has already put together an amazing body of research in modeling surburban sprawl, and urban behavior and phenomena using geospatial tools. He recently received an NSF CAREER grant to work on a project for using immersive 3D/4D environments for modeling urban crowd behavior, which sounds pretty amazing. While looking over his site, I cam across another project, Wi-Fi Geographies, which will be published in an upcoming issue of the Annals of the AAG.

The project website includes some excellent animations showing geovisualizations of the wi-fi environment in Salt Lake City, UT, including signal strength, data rates, security, and public v. pay access. The goal of the research is to look at the geography of wi-fi and its impact.

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