Spatial learning at Apple’s iTunes U

Just in time for the summer conference season and long flights, the iTunes 7.2 update has opened iTunes U, their educational portal for audio and video lectures, to the world at large. This portal includes quite a few topics that I think would be of interest to our listeners and readers including:

  • Geography of World Cultures from Stanford (currently #2 in the downloads right behind “What is Existentialism”)
  • Introduction to Computers from UC Berkeley, which includes programming concepts
  • Coffee Hour to Go from PSU’s Geography Dept the one I will probably be listening to the most on my upcoming flights
  • …to name just a few. If you have a long commute or are just up for a little continuing education, check it out. Please keep in mind that while you need iTunes to search and download, most of the audio and video are in standard formats so you can play them using most any media player (I’m still a fan of San Disk’s Sansa series of players). Also, if you aren’t up for iTunes U you can find most of these materials on their institutions websites, but I like me a good portal 🙂

    Summer School: Apple’s iTunes U Means You Can Ditch Class and Still Learn – Gizmodo