ArcGIS Explorer Update

This afternoon, we talked with ESRI’s Bern Szukalski about ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Explorer. We had a chance to listen to Bern’s ESRI Speaker Series interview this morning before interviewing him ourselves, so we were able to ask some questions that follow from that interview and speak about ArcGIS Server as a whole. If you listen to both interviews, I think it will give a nice of overview of ESRI’s server-based GIS products.

During our conversation, Bern told us that ESRI is preparing some additional resources to be released along with ArcGIS Explorer. In order to coordinate the release, they are holding off on making ArcGIS Explorer available for donwload until they can release them together, but they are hoping that it will be soon.

The podcast interview will provide more details from Bern, so we will be posting that soon as our GAW 2006 Day 5 podcast.

Update: We will be releasing Bern’s interview as our GAW 2006 Day 6 podcast episode