Wired News on Web 2.0, mashups, and revitalizing democracy

Over at Wired News, Jennifer Granick has a nice article on how Web 2.0 apps, including mashups and online mapping, can help us get back to the essence of democratic government: “Though it may not be obvious, the road marks in this amorphous thing called Web 2.0 are political: grassroots participation, forging new connections, and empowering from the ground up. The ideal democratic process is participatory and the Web 2.0 phenomenon is about democratizing digital technology.”

She also mentions GeoRSS and OGC’s WMS standard as ways of integrating data sources, and notes that the big internet players are beginning to understand the potential of collaborative efforts to map political information, pointing out the new US Election Guide in Google Earth that was unveiled on Monday.

If you haven’t checked it out already, it’s short, but definitely a good read.