Do you have your GIS Merit Badge?

In honor of the start of the new school year, I found out that there is a boyscout merit badge related to GIS called the Surveying Merit Badge. Part of the requirements ask boyscouts to explain what GPS and other surveying technologies,surveying careers, the importance of GPS and how it is changing the field of surveying. There isn’t a specific badge for GIS, but Indiana has asked its GIS members to act as mentors to help Boyscouts get badges related to GIS such as computers, geology, engineering, and environmental science.

However, I did find an old ESRI report about a Girl Scout GIS badge in Rhode Island. 4H also has a GIS/GPS technology program with team contests.

Way to go! Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H’ers and all other students learning about GIS and Mapping and the people who help them get their badges!