OGC Catalogue Services Specification – Request for Comment

OGC has put out a Request for Comment for a new candidate OGC standard. It is the Catalogue Services Specification 2.0.1 – ISO Metadata Application Profile. From the press release: ” Catalogue services are the key technology for locating, managing and maintaining distributed geo-resources (i.e. geospatial data, applications and services). With OGC catalogue services, client applications are capable of searching for geo-resources in a standardised way (i.e. through standardised interfaces and operations) and, ideally, they are based on a well-known information model, which includes spatial references and further descriptive (thematic) information that enables client applications to search for geo-resources in very efficient ways”

If you are involved with open source GIS development, and would like to learn more development of open standards for geospatial applications, head over to the OGC website for more information

Via GISCafe

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