Associations/Groups – American Congress on Survey and Mapping

The American Congress on Survey and Mapping is made up of four member organizations, which serve as special interests groups including:

  • The American Association for Geodetic Surveying – AAGS
  • The Cartography and Geographic Information Society – CAGIS
  • The Geographic and Land Information Society – GLIS
  • The National Society of Professional Surveyors, Inc. – NSPS
  • The genearl mission of the ACSM at large is “to advance the sciences of surveying and mapping and related fields, in furtherance of the welfare of those who use and make maps; to encourage the development of educational programs in surveying, mapping and charting; and to support publications that represent the professional and technical interests of surveying and mapping. To accomplish these objectives, ACSM engages in a number of core activities.”

    Beyond their focus on professionals, the ACSM and its member organizations offer support to students through reduced membership dues and annual awarded competitions. As you might expect, head over the ACSM website to find out more details