New Matrox card and opinions on stereo viewing

Matrox PlanarWe received a press release on Matrox’s new Parhelia Precision SDT which is intended for specific applications and hardware such as the Planar SD1710.  While I am a fan of stereo, I am not as convinced that a passive system this complex is necessary or even cost effective.  Active stereo using a CRT is my preferred option for the desktop.

For projection I still say that the new InFocus projectors are the way to go instead of passive systems.  While active glasses are more expensive I would argue that it is still the better option for anything under 15 people when circular passive systems become a good option.

As for Matrox, I prefer their Parhelia 3 monitor line.  We have two of these cards and I hope to get one of the new PCI Express versions if they ever release one or the QID LP PCIe.  Two monitors are ever enough 🙂

One thought on “New Matrox card and opinions on stereo viewing

  1. I agree that using CRTs for active stereo viewing is a fine alternative; but remember, CRTs are being replaced by LCDs quickly. In fact, Sony Trinitron, have end-of-life’ed their CRT displays. Our testing has shown that working on CRT will give lots of people headaches after constant use because of flicker, sync issues, or even head positioning problems. Also, because CRTs are dimmer, stereoscopic / 3D display users have been forced to view 3D images in dark rooms.

    We’re a little biased around here, but we made the SD1710 to deal with these issues specifically. The SD1710 delivers enough brightness and contrast for users to view stereo imagery in normal office lighting conditions, flicker-free images, no need for the user to keep their head in one “sweet spot”, fast response time, mulit-user viewing angle. All of the details are at if you want to see what it has.

    Jesse, have you had a chance to see an SD1710 in person? Let us know if you can get to one of the tradeshows that we’ll be at. ( I’ll let you know if we’ll have the SD1710 on display or not.

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