Help us make THE list of desktop GIS packages

In a couple of weeks we are going to do an episode where we discuss what we think is important in a desktop GIS package and discuss many of the desktop GIS packages that are currently available. This is going to be the first monthly install of a multi-part series. Later we will focus on web mapping, remote sensing packages, object-oriented systems, developement options, etc, but this time we are focusing on stand-alone desktop GIS packages.

If you would like to help, please check out the list of commercial and open source desktop GIS solutions I have started. If you know of a software not on the list yet or if you have experience using some of the less mainstream packages please leave a comment at the bottom of the list page. We hope to discuss this on Feb 4, so please leave comments by then.

Note: If this is your first comment I have to approve it before it shows up on the page. We do this to keep the spam out.

7 Comments to Help us make THE list of desktop GIS packages

  1. Here’s a few more in the open source realm:

    OpenJUMP –
    Excellent vector data editing and visualization

    Saga –
    Solid collectino of data analysis and modelling modules

    OpenEV – OR
    Raster visualization

    OpenMap –
    Nice Interface. lots of built in data

    JGrass –
    Hydrology toolkit

    OSSIM Imagelinker –
    Remote sensing data processing

    Thuban –
    General data visualization

  2. You have included Caliper’s TransCAD in the list but not Maptitude, our more general-purpose GIS product.

  3. Hey you guys.
    Please don’t forget to include in your list tow gis desktop focused on raster analysis. Those are Ilwis from the ITC in the Netherlands and Idrisi fro USA.
    Thank and I am looking forward to listen to your new episode.

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