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Show notes for AVSP Episode 18

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Shownotes – Episode 18
November 20, 2005

Main Topic: Migration

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Music by Jodie Manross from the CD Going Somewhere Soone

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  • ICANN issues
  • Greenwich CT Data Issues
  • High school students use GIS in Eureka Springs, AR
  • GIS Day and Geography Awareness Week
  • Web Corner

    Main Topic
    Migration: The Human Journey is the theme that the National Geographic provided for this years Geography Awareness Week. We discuss the likely influence of the Genographic Project on the choice of this theme and major migrations through human history (and prehistory). Modern impacts of migration, such as recent events in Paris, are also touched on.


  • Geography Action
  • Genographic Project
  • Geography Awareness Week
  • Events

    West Palm Beach, FL
    Nov 20-22, 2005
  • Second Annual International Conference on Social Science Research
    Orlando, FL
    Dec 4-6, 2005
  • WV GIS Forums & Workshops
    Morgantown, WV
    May 15-19, 2006
  • Ubiquitous Computing
    March 31 deadline for papers
    Sept 17-21