Boston HyperMap Atlas with Google Maps API

We received the press release this morning for the Boston HyperMap Atlas from StrataVarious, Inc. which pairs Google Maps with the interactive HyperMap Atlas to link together the basic web mapping interface with an atlas that provides all kinds of information, from historic landmarks to government buildings, to hotels and shopping.

I checked the site out and it’s a pretty cool app. I especially like the historic map layer (since history is one of my specialties) Anyway, definitely check out this site.

StrataVarious, Inc. Boston HyperMap Atlas

3 Comments to Boston HyperMap Atlas with Google Maps API

  1. The StrataVarious patent

    Having seen the Very Spatial blog post about StrataVarious’ Boston Hypermap Atlas, I had to take a look. Their maps are a bit busy, but the eye-opening part is their patent.

  2. Patents. This is a rant I may post later, but I wonder how people feel about companies patenting such general ideas that it covers non-patented intellectual property that is already out there.

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