GeoTorrent file-sharing

I saw a press release on GeoTorrent on the Geoplace website and checked out the site. It is based on bitTorrent technology. They seem to have mostly satellite mosaics right now, and also some TIGER data.

Here is a link to the GeoTorrent website if you want to check it out:

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  1. Jesse

    This is one of those dare to be great applications that bitTorrent is made for. For those of you have never used bitTorrent it is a peer-peer format that allows you to obtain a seed from a server or individual and then the client connects to others who are sharing the file. Head over the the Wikipedia entry to get details on how it works. Let’s hope this works well. Between GeoTorrent and Mapdex things are looking good data access technologies for geospatial technologies.

  2. Alam

    Hi there, I can’t find site, it says the link is broken! can u help me to get into the site

  3. Jesse

    It looks like is not there anymore. While this could just be a server issue, it is more likely to be the reality of the internet that projects/sites don’t often make it for 4 years. Does anyone know if there are other torrent seed sites for GIS data?

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