Show notes for AVSP Episode 01

This episode is generally an introduction of things to come. We will be focusing on Geography and geospatial technologies, with an eye to bring a discussion of Geography to a broader audience. With the ever broadening use of geospatial technologies such as internet mapping and GPS this clearly a good time to try to share how these technologies have grown out of geographic traditions.

I – Who we are

II – What we will be talking about in the future

  • Google Maps
  • III – Why we decided to do a podcast

  • Map Room
  • GIS Cafe
  • Directions Magazine
  • IV – Examples of topics

  • Chicago Crime
  • Google Earth
  • Digital Earth
  • Classroom Episodes
  • V – Current News

  • MSN Virtual Earth actually going Beta on Monday, July 24
  • Google Moon
  • VI – Upcoming Events

  • Geography Awareness Week
  • GIS Day
  • ESRI User Conference
  • Association of American Geography
  • Misc.

  • Serenity Movie
  • Contact information

  • Topic ideas, suggestions, comments to –
  • Questions for Sue or I, respectively – and
  • Thanks to EarthShine for the opening music. Visit them at

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