generalShow Notes

Show notes for AVSP Episode 01

This episode is generally an introduction of things to come. We will be focusing on Geography and geospatial technologies, with an eye to bring a discussion of Geography to a broader audience. With the ever broadening use of geospatial technologies such as internet mapping and GPS this clearly a good time to try to share how these technologies have grown out of geographic traditions.

I – Who we are

II – What we will be talking about in the future

  • Google Maps
  • III – Why we decided to do a podcast

  • Map Room
  • GIS Cafe
  • Directions Magazine
  • IV – Examples of topics

  • Chicago Crime
  • Google Earth
  • Digital Earth
  • Classroom Episodes
  • V – Current News

  • MSN Virtual Earth actually going Beta on Monday, July 24
  • Google Moon
  • VI – Upcoming Events

  • Geography Awareness Week
  • GIS Day
  • ESRI User Conference
  • Association of American Geography
  • Misc.

  • Serenity Movie
  • Contact information

  • Topic ideas, suggestions, comments to –
  • Questions for Sue or I, respectively – and
  • Thanks to EarthShine for the opening music. Visit them at