How Many People Can New York City Hold?

New York City Skyline Sunset
I thought this was a particularly interesting article in the New York Times since the VerySpatial crew just returned from New York for AAG 2012.  The Times sat down with some city planners and academics living in and around New York to try to figure out some of the urban dynamics of large cities.  Currently New York holds around 1.6 million residents, with a surge to 3.9 million during the work day.  As crowded as it is, that’s nothing compared to NYC circa 1910, which housed around 2.3 million permanent residents.  So how many residents can New York hold?  Well, the article never really answers the question because it depends on what kind of New York you want.  Is it more residential, or large buildings?  Do we make it bigger by adding land fills to create a Lower-Lower Manhattan, or do we leave the current geography intact?  Ultimately, the article becomes a fascinating insight into urban planning and development, so check it out.

Photo courtesy of MikeLeeOrg on Flickr