iPhone Tracker

There have been a number of posts today about the fact that the iPhone is storing cell tower connections in its backups and that you can get access to that data using the iPhone Tracker app (for Mac). The image here shows my trip last week to Seattle. Since I am generally streaming my location on Latitude or checking on Whrrl (though that is another issue with their purchase by Groupon), the fact that phone is saving tower data is not terribly bothersome to me. The fact that someone would have to have access to my computer to get to my phones backup data means it is more secure than any of the cloud services that we use (as long as I stay away from the hackers. I, for one, plan to take advantage of this security flaw for my own entertainment purposes.

3 thoughts on “iPhone Tracker

  1. That’s if Apple hasn’t grabbed the information from you. They haven’t found evidence ‘yet’ but it’s a possibility. Let’s hope not! 🙂

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