So freaky

Howdy…I just wanted to say hi to everyone for the first time from:

1) my iPad
2) somewhere around 30,000 feet in the air

I think that there will be some conversations about location on the iPad over the next month, but I really feel that the true geospatial conversation will not begin until the 3G iPads roll out in a few weeks. That said, I have tried out the location apps that I already had and the HD versions of some location apps and, just like with the iPod touch, I am pretty happy with it. The other thing is that I am generally going to have a smartphone with me for lbs apps so it is a return to the ‘use the appropriate device’ conversation.

Either way, I am off to surf the web on my way back from SFO.

2 thoughts on “So freaky

  1. why “so freaky”? is this your first time on a plane? or maybe your in a hot air balloon? mysterious indeed.

    1. First time online in a plane, on an iPad, in First Class (yay airline miles). More about the convergence…though it would have been even better in a dirigible.

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