VerySpatial at the AAG

I mentioned a while back that VerySpatial will be hosting a panel on Digital Media and Learning in Geography at the Association of American Geographers meeting in Washington, DC in April, but keep in mind that while we are many, there are that many more chances for us to get into trouble with microphone in hand. On that note we are calling out any Geographers or companies who will be at the AAG who wish to talk to us about your project, idea, plan, or product (or your favorite bunny slippers). These will be our standard gorilla style conference interviews that will be between 5-15 minutes long and will eventually make their way into the weekly show or our AAG roadshow coverage. We should be onsite each day for the conference but schedules do fill up so send us an email, tweet or phone message with your interest and we will get in touch with you before the conference to set up a time and place to meet and speak.

Also, if there are any #geoglobaldomination or tweetups during the conference (that are near the red line at least) expect to see us there.