60 TB Of Everquest 2 Data for Science

Sony released around 60 terrabytes of raw log data to a group of researchers for analysis.  Lots of different disciplines appear to have mined the data looking for interesting patterns.  The data spans four years and 40,000 players.  What strikes me as particularly noteworthy is none of them seem to be geographers even though some of what they’re talking about is part and parcel of geography.  It’s also interesting to note that some of the research shows the limitations of current social science research methods.  Simply put, the data is just too darn large.  It also showed some existing survey methods tended to under-report phenomena, such as the number of older female gamers.  All in all, I’d love to get my hands on some of that data.  However, it would be fun to do the same thing with World Of Warcraft, who have signigicantly more players and thus significantly more datapoints.