Updating the podcast format

Over the holidays I have been upgrading most of the pieces of the podcast equipment that were either shutting down randomly after years of faithful service (looking at you 2010 Macbook and H4N) or starting to leave black, flakey material in our hair (headphones). That said this week I edited and am exporting on different equipment and new versions of software. In the past this has lead to issues with the uploaded files for a small portion of listeners.

Hopefully there will be no problems for anyone downloading the podcast, but if there is please be sure to contact me so that I can try to figure out what is causing the issue.

We are still rolling out an MP3 and AAC version of the podcast. I have bumped the audio quality up to 128 from 64, so expect the downloads to take about twice as long (my guess is about 30-45 seconds). Now that I am not trying to race the clock before the next random shut down, I have put chapter breaks and links back into the AAC version.

In case you are wondering what our new(ish) set up is on the SC end of the podcast we are now running through a Mac Mini for the Skype connection to Frank and to edit the podcast on (in Audacity), we are still using the Alesis MultiMix8 Firewire (though connected via audio cables not firewire) in SC and the Alesis MultiMix8 USB in WV (also cabled, not USB), MXL mics all around 2 990s and 1 770, and we record it all out to the drool worthy Samson Zoom H6. The Samson is nice recording weekly, but it will really shine when we don’t have to do the mic shuffle during conference interviews. That said, we still have an H4n for when we break up into teams to cover the conference floors faster (and for when we accidentally double book interviews).

The upshot…if you have any issues while listening to Episode 442 please let me know!

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