Grapheur is a new business intelligence and visualization tool that includes an easy to use geovisualization function. It has a free trial, but the software itself isn’t free. I was a little dubious at first at a software company that claims its software is “Sexy: Use space, time, color, shapes, blinking, sweeps, synchronization… for amazing results.” However, the amazing graphics it produces are in fact just that. Plus, most of those descriptors also describe geospatial science in general so who am I to complain?

They have a Doubting Thomas tab for people who are having trouble visualizing their data in the free trial. You can send them the data and they will do a free basic analysis and walk you through the steps. Their geovisualization capabilities aren’t as robust as ESRI or other GIS software but that might change if more people find it useful for geospatial work.

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