VerySpatial at the Esri EdUC and UC

It is that time of the year again…we are prepping for the pilgrimage out to San Diego. We will be wandering the halls and…well…the halls talking to folks and learning a more about what folks are doing with geospatial technologies, especially the Esri ones. As usual we will have our live show and you are all invited. We will kick things off at 5:30pm on Wednesday, July 13 in Room 30E of the SDCC. If you get a chance head over to the VerySpatial facebook page and let us know you are attending on the event announcement or send us a tweet (@veryspatial) so that we can know how many cupcakes to bring to celebrate our 6th anniversary.

In addition to the live show we have a few presentations as well:

  • Jesse will be presenting the paper “Putting Digital Earth to work: Earth Observation Sensors and Data” Sunday morning at the EdUC in the session I Found this Awesome Website! Finding and Evaluating Information. The session starts at 8:30 in Marina F. @dianamaps and @adenas will be presenting in the session as well.
  • Frank will be presenting “Flood Hazard For The Public: An Arc Server Case Study” Tuesday morning at the UC in the session Considering Design and User Requirements in Application Development. The session starts at 8:30 in Room 28 D.
  • Sue will be presenting “A Walk on the Virtual Side: teaching with virtual landscapes” Tuesday afternoon at the UC in the session Video games and social media in the classroom? Yes! . The session starts at 3:15 in Room 26 A. @geogypsea will be the other presenter in the session.
  • After Sue’s session be sure to stick around for the “Geogames and Geoplay Interest Group” in Room 26A at 4:40.
  • As always, there are a ton of great sessions to check out at the EdUC and UC. If you are going to be there you may want to swing by one of ours.

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