Want to do your part for science?

on Sunday at approximately 1:56am Pacific Standard Time, the Stardust capsule will be re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere on its way back from space with its precious load of comet dust collected from the comet Wild 2. Researchers need volunteers to observe the Stardust capsule’s re-entry (although obviously you would be to be in the western US to actually see it) on its way to a landing in Utah.

In addition, researchers from UC-Berkeley are asking for 30,000 volunteers to use web-based ‘virtual microscopes’ on their own PCs to look for particles in images taken of the samples. You will have to pass a test before being allowed to participate.
So, if you want to be a part of science history, check out the Starsdust@Home website for information.

Via  MercuryNews.com

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