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Shownotes – Episode 20
December 04, 2005

Main Topic: Interview with Tim Warner on Remote Sensing
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Podcast with Dr Warner

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Music by Jodie Manross from the CD Going Somewhere Soone

We had four entrants and four winners in our first drawing:

Sean from Bowling Green
Chris from Edmonton
Stephane from Canterbury
Eric from Rotterdam

Each will receive a VerySpatial t-shirt.


MapServer Foundation (maybe)

Landsat 5

Ski Dubai

Main topic
Tim Warner
Professor Dept of Geology and Geography
PhD from Purdue University
Chair of several groups including the AAG RSSG
Founding board member of America View
Director of WVView

-What is Remote Sensing

-What do you see as the most important RS technologies available now and what do you think will be important into the future

-Do you still think, in this world with 1ft or better aerial data available, that traditional space-based remote sensing will still be fruitful?

-What is your perspective on the potential loss of Landsat 5 and the partial functionality of Landsat 7

-Could you give us a quick review of WV View and AmericaView

USGS Landsat site
EROS Data Center, USGS



  • Indian Society of Remote Sensing
    Dec 6-9, 2005
  • URISA abstracts
    Sept 26-29, 2006
    Vancouver, BC
  • 2006 ESRI Developer Summit
    March 17-18, 2006
    Palm Springs
  • AAAS
    February 16-20, 2006
    St Louis, MO
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