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Show notes for AVSP Episode 17

A VerySpatial Podcast
Shownotes – Episode 17
November 13, 2005

Main Topic: Public and private information

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Music by Oscar Trim

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  • GIS Day Podcast available Tuesday, Nov 15
  • Frappr VerySpatial, GISBlogger
  • Virtual Earth $1000 winner
  • Randy McNally’s MapEngine
  • Google Mobile
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  • Main Topic
    In this episode, we discuss some aspects of privacy and geographic information. Advances in geospatial technologies, including Google Maps, Virtual Earth and other web mapping applications have made it relatively easy for knowledgeable users to combine many types of information about people with their locations; in effect, spatial profiling. While this is not new in GIS circles and privacy issues are a main focus of the GIS and Society literature, the new web mapping applications add a twist by showing how easy it is to create a spatial interface to synthesize and display all kinds of data that would normally be considered private.

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  • Events

  • Geography Awareness Week – THIS WEEK!
  • International Symposium on Health GIS
    Dec 1-2
  • International Lidar Mapping Forum 2006
    Feb 13-14
    Denver Co
  • World Soil Congress
    Abstracts Due – December 1
  • ESRI User Conference Abstracts Deadline
    Abstracts Due – December 2
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