MapServer Foundation

Monday marked the launch of the MapServer Foundation, a “nonprofit legal entity established to support the needs of the open source web mapping community.” Included among the 11 people who created the MapServer Foundation are Steve Lime, the creator and lead developer of MapServer, and Tyler Mitchell, geographer and author of Web Mapping Illustrated. The website has just gotten up and running, but it does have an open letter announcing the creation of the foundation, an FAQs section, and some other resources.

Via ZDNet Open Source blog

Jesse adds: Also check out the barrage of discussion in the geospatial blogosphere including (newest at top):

  • More from Spatially Adjusted
    He also points out, again, that the foundation’s MapServer Enterprise will be based on the soon to be released MapGuide code which we didn’t specify in the original post above
  • Ed McNierney from the MapServer Listserv
  • Allan Doyle from the think blog
  • Sean Gillies at import cartography
  • James Fee at Spatially Adjusted
  • Glenn at GISUser Blog
  • Tyler Mitchell at O’Reilly includes link to open letter
  • One Comment to MapServer Foundation

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