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Show notes for AVSP Episode 08

VerySpatial Podcast
Shownotes – Episode 08
September 11, 2005

Main Topic:
Space and place.
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  • Katrina Assistance
  • Microsoft releasing geography APIs
  • MapInfo and OCG compliance
  • GSDI Small Grants
  • Web Corner:
    Spot light on Podcasts

    Main Topic:
    Space and place. We consider why individuals have an affinity for some places, while they aren’t moved by others. We will add a bit more information soon.

    Please see the Events Calendar for details

    • Colorado GIS Week
    • GIS in the Rockies
    • Great Plains/Rocky Mountain DAAG
    • Annual NEARC Users Group Conference
    • AAG New England St. Lawrence Valley Division Meeting
    • North American Carotgraphic Information Society
    • GIS Day
    • Geography Awareness Week