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A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 429

A VerySpatial Podcast
Shownotes – Episode 429
October 6, 2013

Impact of a federal shutdown

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  • This week’s podsafe music: “A Lifestory” by Indoven

  • News

  • China may be renting 5% of the Ukraine
  • GNSS thresholds
  • Javascript API 3.7
  • Nokia HERE launches pilot community mapping program in India

  • Web Corner

  • Euratlas

  • Main Topic:

  • This week we discuss the impact of a US federal shutdown on access to data.

  • Tip

  • Natural Earth Data

  • Events Corner

  • Esri Developer Summit Europe: 11-13 November, London, UK
  • Esri Developer Summit Middle East and Africa: 19-21 November, Dubai, UAE
  • Esri International Developer Summit: 10-13 March, Palm Springs, CA

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  • This week, A VerySpatial Podcast is supported by Esri

  • The Esri Ocean GIS Forum will be held November 5-7 in Redlands, California. Attend the forum to learn how GIS technology is being used for ocean research, environmental protection, and sustainable resource planning. Visit esri.com/oceangisforum for more information and to register.
  • One thought on “A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 429

    1. The data the federal government provides is done through your taxes. They also maintain, coordinate, steward, etc. numerous databases – NHD, WBD, etc. At the Esri International Users Conference bashed the federal government for crappy authoritative data.


      Now they are hosting it AND NOT SAYING ANYTHING about the VALUE of what the Government provides to you! You are doing the same when you whine about how you can’t get your job done and you have to find other resources. What if the state closed down? What if your other sources went off line? I am sure you can get this from the private sector AND PAY FOR IT!!! Get real – get the real story. You look like fools when you gab about stuff you don’t even understand. The thousands of hours government employees spent on creating, maintaining, developing, stewarding, etc these databases to provide FREE to you isn’t being told.

      Come on – get the real story and stop sounding stupid!

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