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A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 385

A VerySpatial Podcast
Shownotes – Episode 385
December 2, 2012

Main Topic: Our 2012 Geographer’s Holiday preview

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  • This week’s podsafe music: “Greensleeves” by Derek Miller

  • News

  • Autodesk announcements:
  • –Cloud – Fusion 360
  • –Mobile – FormIt App
  • –Business – Topcon Collaboration
  • Amazon opens up Maps API
  • SpatiaLite 4.0
  • South African team to map Petra ruins
  • UN votes to recognize a Palestinian state and upgrade the status of Palestine to nonmember observer state

  • Web Corner

  • CartoDB by Vizzuality

  • Main Topic

  • This week we feature our 2012 Geographer’s Holiday preview, with some gift ideas for geography lovers of all ages. Check out some of our choices below:
  • Directionally-minded gifts from the Compass Company
  • Datarific gift ideas via Flowing Data
  • Give the gift of trees!

  • Tip of the Week

  • Donate to help the upgrade of PlanetGeospatial

  • Events Corner

  • URISA Vanguard Cabinet events
  • SURE World Conference: 25-27 July, Berlin, Germany
  • 9th European Social Simulation Association: 16-20 Sept, Warsaw, Poland
  • NCGE Annual Conference: 1-4 August, Denver, CO
  • Applied Geography Conference: 30 October-1 November, Annapolis, MD

  • This week, A VerySpatial Podcast is sponsored by Esri

  • The GIS Guide to Public Domain Data gives GIS users information about the sources and quality of publicly available data. The guide covers topics such as copyrights, cloud computing, online data portals, volunteered geographic information, and international data. For more information, visit esri.com/esripress.
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    1. Just wanted to correct that before Thursday, Palestine, as an arab state never existed. Before 1948 it was a British mandate zone (protectorate) and between 1948-1967 it’s areas were under Jordanian and Egyptian rule.

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