Conference recovery

Completely off topic filler to follow:

One of the great things about the Esri UC is that it ends on Friday giving you a weekend to recover. I know this is fairly common for conferences that cater to companies or government agencies, but my many years of conference attendance have been heavily academic oriented leaning toward Geography and archaeology conferences. Academic conferences ‘take advantage’ of the weekends so that you don’t miss as many days of class, can escape from work, etc to help you attend. Getting home Sunday afternoon or, better yet, late Sunday after a cross country flight (e.g. AAG in Seattle this April) means that you connect two weeks with a very tiring long weekend (and not in the good way). It rarely leaves you with any kind of post conference euphoria.

Any way, I wish everyone we interviewed, chatted with, presented to, saw in the hall ways…a great recovery weekend. However, if you stuck around in SD to attend Comic-con, I resend the good wishes and wish you little-toe cramp (the appendage not the severity) during your time at the SDCC next weekend…just kidding…or am I…just kidding!