School’s out for summer ’10

For those of you in colleges and universities around the world, we are at that time of year where it is time to take a short but important break. So whether you are already out, just getting out (like me), or have another week to go, enjoy your summer break however short it is. Hopefully some of you will take the time to take an extra class, do a field course, even get an internship that pays (crazy thought). And of course through your break you can take the time to catch up on our over 300 archived weekly, special, and conference podcasts to expand your take on Geography and geospatial technologies. Better yet you can take some time to make your own podcasts.

For those of you who are graduating this year, we wish you great luck and prosperity in your scary real-world endeavors. May they be fruitful and enjoyable.

Finally, to those of you who live in the real-world or who haven’t made it to the end of your high school career…enjoy your break whenever it arrives.