Now that is fan(tastic) dedication

GIS experts make really cool fans, especially when locations are involved. Unlike other types of fans who are limited to writing fanfic or posting comments about their favorite show, GIS experts can literally guide you through a universe. Apartment Therapy posted about Jonah M. Adkins, GISP Newport News, Virginia spent four (4)! years creating a geographic study of the fictious “ISLAND” from the TV show “LOST”. Of course there is always the Complete and Official Map of the Verse or Firefly Universe and a white paper on the discovery, colonization and structure of The Verse. Also, the Simpsons Interactive Map, an ambitious Big Bang Theory map which tries to locate fictional places in real life. According to TV Tropes, “Really deluxe worlds [fantasy world maps]are proportioned like two pages side by side” so that must make a geospatial map super deluxe or super obsessive.

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