Solid Waste Management Careers

I recently attended the The 25th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management held in Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. If you are a geospatial professional looking for an interesting and challenging career, solid waste management is a growing industry with world wide appeal. Some of the interesting topics discussed were policy issues such as municipal solid waste policies at the core of the waste fires in Naples, professional certifications in different countries and their impact on the image of solid waste professionals, and many case studies from all world regions. Other topics were related to site placement such as for landfill siting, waste to energy, and electronics waste. Some of the most fascinating were waste composition studies, mapping of pollutants, and other GIS applications. I also found out that Institute of Information Technology employs more than 5 former ESRI employees at their route logistics company. I would encourage geospatial professionals, educators, and vendors to consider attending the conference next year.