Ramping up for Where 2.0

Where 2.0 Conference 2010
Clearly conference season is upon us at the VerySpatial virtual compound as we are buying tickets for planes and trains to get to various parts of the country. With Where 2.0 kicking off on March 29 in San Jose, we wanted to point out two things.

1) Early Registration has been extended until March 1, which means you can still save 30% of the regular registration price for the next week and
2) we still have a discount code (whr10vsp) that will save you an additional 20% off the early registration price.

Also, if you are an educator, student, or work for a non-profit you can save even more (40-65%) with some of the other discount codes. If you are an undergrad or a grad student you should check with your Dean’s office to see if there are any travel monies that could cover your trip, especially if you are already on the west coast.

As for our plans, Sue and I will be making the trip out to San Jose to learn about the technologies and ideas we will be sharing in the classroom next year (or even later this semester). But as we go, so goes the microphone and recorder (not the woodwind) so send us an email if you would like to talk while we are in town. We will be in sessions, but we always make time to talk to folks about any of the great projects that are being highlighted at Where 2.0.

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