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Happy Halloween!

And watch out for zombies!

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Book Review – The Complete Guide to Simulations and Serious Games

As I have gone down the road in researching and writing about virtual worlds and serious games, one of the biggest issues for me has been the lack of a comprehensive source for a lot of the terminology and concepts I’m having to learn about and understand. That’s why I was pretty excited when I found out about Clark Aldrich’s The Complete Guide to Simulations and Serious Games: how the most valuable content will be created in the age beyond Gutenberg to Google, which was just published this month (October 2009) by Wiley. I immediately had to get my hands on a copy, and I have been using it almost daily since it arrived.
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Navigate By Ear

Treehugger has a story about a a GPS bike navigation device created by Kajimoto Laboratories that uses ear pulling for tactile navigation. From their website, it looks like Kajimoto Laboratories works with many tactile devices and that this one was actually created in 2008.

A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 223

A VerySpatial Podcast

Shownotes – Episode 223

October 25, 2009

Main Topic: Our conversation with Mladen Stojic of ERDAS

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    AAG Panel Call for participation

    We are putting together a panel on Digital Media and Learning (DML) in Geography for the upcoming AAG in DC. Our intrepid hosts will be three of the panel members, but we are looking for another 2-3 folks to round out the discussion. If you are working in any area of DML in a Geography class, using spatial thinking, or using Geographic Information technologies and will be at the AAG and want to formally participate contact us. If you want to informally participate then just come to the AAG in April and share your opinion.

    As for the three of us, Sue will be our token 3D Sim/serious games person, Frank will be speaking from his web background and web mapping day job, and I will be bearing the podcast/New Media torch. We are looking for folks who work in any of these areas or other Digital Media and Learning for Geography areas (databases, ontology, UI, social media…etc) to join the panel. Please contact us by Oct 28 with your area of interest and your AAG PIN (which you receive after you have registered for the conference).

    Geography Awareness Week Blog-a-thon at My Wonderful World

    Each year, we try to do daily Geography Awareness Week posts to highlight topics related to Geography and each year’s theme, and other blogs also offer great content to celebrate. This year, My Wonderful World is sponsoring a Geography Awareness Week blog-a-thon, to promote blogging about Geography during the week. Just notify Sarah Jane at My Wonderful World that you’ll be doing a special post (or posts) and what your topic will be. During Geography Awareness Week, the My Wonderful World blog will highlight selected posts from around the geoblogosphere, so if you’re interested in being part of the blog-a-thon, head over to the My Wonderful World link above, and submit your idea. But hurry, the deadline is Friday, October 23rd!

    UK Crime Maps

    Whenever anyone creates a crime map for an area, it always seems to raise the same questions about house values, safety, etc. According to the UK Daily Mail, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) believe a new interactive crime map could seriously hurt home values. The National Policing Improvement Agency provides information on crime and antisocial behaviour in England and Wales. The UK Home Office offers a crime mapping tool allows users to create maps showing counts and rates of crime at local authority level for England and Wales. What is especially interesting is that they ask users to provide feed-back of experience using the tools. The BBC has its own crime statistics map in its The Truth About Crime section. The U.S. National Institute of Justice has a good overview of crime mapping including reviews of a book titled, “Mapping Crime: Principle and Practice”

    A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 222

    A VerySpatial Podcast

    Shownotes – Episode 222

    October 18, 2009

    Main Topic: Our conversation with Richard Cooke of ITT Visual Information Solutions

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    White Horse Revival

    According to the Daily Mail, the famous Alton Barnes white horse landmark is being restored with 150 tons of chalk. It was last refreshed 25 years ago. A recent story in the Telegraph states that an older landmark, Osmington White Horse, was damaged by a 1989 attempt to refresh it as part of a television challenge involving teams of Scouts. I wonder if geospatial technologies have improved our ability to identify and possibly repair megalithic and similar sites.

    Autumn and GIS

    The Foliage Network is a site that uses citizen scientists or foliage watchers to give them up to date reports on autumn leaves throught the U.S. and sends it to newspapers, television stations, and web sites. Highlighting the importance of participatory GIS is the fact that they can’t report on Delaware, Minnesota and Rhode Island because they don’t have any volunteers from those states. Anyone have any thing to report on how the fall leaves look there? Other countries that have fall foliage tours include the U.K., Transylvania, and Canada among others.

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