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Remote Sensing Used to Discover Ancient Roman Site

Really, what CAN’T geospatial do?  Researchers out of University of Padua in Italy took aerial photos of an area just north of Venice and discovered what used to be Altinum, a thriving city that existed before Venice.  The site is fairly unique in that it’s one of the few places that haven’t been built upon by later generations, thus making it ripe for study.  The team intends to continue their work using LiDAR and other techniques to help archeologists figure out the best places to continue their work excavating this important site.

Adobe Acrobat and geospatial information

I was catching up on my email this morning, and got a note that Adobe has started an Acrobat Geospatial and Mapping Forum for its users to discuss topics related to using Acrobat and spatially-enabled PDFs for geospatial applications. Although I often export maps and other documents as PDFs, I’m not really that familiar with spatially-enabled PDFs myself, so I have been browsing through the forums to see what topics users are talking about.

In addition, Tomas Lopes of Farallon Geographics did a recent webinar on using Adobe Acrobat within a professional GIS setting, so check it out if you’re interested in learning more about how to use spatially-enabled PDFs.

A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 210

A VerySpatial Podcast
Shownotes – Episode 210
July 26, 2009

Main Topic: Our conversation with Mark DeMulder of USGS

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    Eye-Fi SD Card Adds Geotagging to Pics

    Engadget is reporting the release of Eye-Fi’s new WiFi enabled SD card.  It provided automatic geotagging for life for all your pictures.  The product is designed specifically to work with iPhoto and all things Mac, which should be an exceptionally nice integration into iPhoto 09’s new geotagging features with ‘Places’.  The press release is a little light on details on how the geotagging works, but clearly it’s WiFi based.  That leads one to wonder how it knows a picture was taken in a place with no WiFi.  I have to think the “geotag” is based on the place you upload, which might not be the place you shot the photo.  Still, it’s a pretty cool service.  The card is kinda pricey at $60 for 2GB, but built in WiFi and geotagging ain’t gonna be free!  It’s still a better deal than most prosumer DSLR grade GPS’s, which can easily run two or three times that price.  The Eye-Fi SD card is available in stores as of today, it appears.

    Episode 210 up late Tuesday

    UPDATE: I made to campus…but the podcast files are at home. I will upload them Wednesday morning. This lack of wifi is painful, but will hopefully be resolved as soon as we get to NC next week.

    Apologies for the delay this week but Comic-con was a wonderful AND draining experience. Connect that to the fact that there is no internet at home, you get Jesse sleeping all day Monday and an episode 2 days late. Keep an eye out for it tonight when I get to campus and post it.

    Some thoughts on making the UC better

    The ESRI sessions are a great place to really see what the people in our field are doing.  The diversity is really inspiring.  Occasionally I’ll get the random person who’ll ask, “What can you do with GIS?”  I’d love to have a copy of the User Conference program to whip out when that happens and say, “Take a look at this.  The question you should be asking is, ‘What CAN’T you do with GIS?’”

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    AVSP Roadshow – GISetc

    We spoke with Roger Palmer of GISetc about their efforts in educating educators and students about Geography through GIS and GPS.

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    A VerySpatial Podcast LIVE! – Episode 209

    A VerySpatial Podcast
    Shownotes – Episode 209
    July 19, 2009

    Main Topic: Our Live Show at the 2009 ESRI UC

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    Tweet4Trees drive round-up

    Tweet4TreesFor our fourth anniversary we decided to recognize our listeners and winners while also supporting the environment. On that note we announced our Tweet4Trees drive a while back suggesting that we would donate $1 per person following us at as of our recent AVSP: Live! show, with the stipulation of up to 500 people. We are happy to announce that as of the live show we had 286 followers, but since we had already set aside $500 we are going with the full donation to be split between the Green Belt Movement and American Forests.

    We are excited that our campaign sponsors Landmark Information Group and ESRI will be matching a portion of our donation to environmental organizations of their choice. We want to thank them for supporting the environment and recognizing our 4th anniversary.

    Finally, Frank pledged $2 per person at the live show as well. Since we had about 25 people at the live show that is another $50 dollars bringing the VerySpatial donation to $550 total or $275 to each organization. We would like to thank all of you, our readers and listeners, for supporting us over the last four years and we look forward to next year’s fifth anniversary.

    Week 1 in San Diego down

    The ESRI Education and International User Conferences are behind us. Once again we talked to a great group of folks from authors to presenters to companies. We will be starting things off on Sunday when we release our live show and then over the next 4-6 weeks we will be rolling out the interviews and presentations. On that note however we are going relatively quiet blog wise for the next month or so.

  • First, the AVSP crew is taking a vacation collectively to attend the San Diego Comic-con this coming week
  • Second, Sue and Jesse are moving to North Carolina where Jesse will be starting a new job and Sue will be on a writing fellowship
  • Third, it is quickly approaching the beginning of the school year and we are all trying to wrap-up projects.
  • This isn’t to say we are going dark, but we aren’t going to try to keep our post a day pattern going.

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