Neo & FOSS sessions at AAG

There are more sessions, and probably people, than ever at the AAG this year. The choices are overwhelming at times, possibly to the point that folks will wander off down the Strip or out to Hoover Dam. BUT…if you are looking for some of the goodness that is neogeography or FOSS related you may want to check out some of these sessions. There are individual papers in other sessions, but these are the places where you can sit for a couple of hours:

  • On Tuesday at 10ish, the Neo-Paleo panel will take place that will bring a group together to talk about this divisive topic
  • later on Tuesday there will be multiple FOSS paper sessions where topics will cover creating software to case studies using FOSS apps
  • Friday morning see 3 great options at the 8:00 time slot when you can choose between the UCL organized Neogeo session, ASU’s discussion of the PySAL spatial analytic library, and the back-to-back sessions on ‘Is Google Good for Geography’
  • With the wealth of sessions taking place at the conference I am sure I have missed a couple, but maybe this list will give you a chance to check out how some of ‘new’ areas are being discussed by the AAG crowd.

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