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Location on your phone?

Sue and Frank gave e gruff on this week’s episode about the volume of location apps I have (or at least had) on my phone, so i decided to share the current list and ask others what location apps they are running. I have reduced the number of apps substantially. At one time I had all 8 pages (the max you can have on the iPhone) filled with location apps, free and otherwise, but I am down to only seven location apps:

Maps, GPS Tracker, BrightKite, EarthScape, Google Earth, OSM Track, TrackMe, and a number of apps that can pull location for various tasks.

I can’t even say that I use all of these that often. The question for you though, is what apps to you have installed on your mobile device and how often do you use them?


If you haven’t seen Glogster, it’s worth checking out. It is an interactive on-line poster maker, sort of like scrapbooking or collage making on line. If you look under the education section it looks like teachers are using it for school projects, especially the ever important Poster about a country, animal,book, historic event, or other school topic. What’s tickles me is that the map side of the posters are static which makes the map sections look like the type of poster you would make in grade school – – except with video capabilities. It’s still fun to play around with and might be useful for school projects, or as the sight suggests, expressing yourself by making a collage.

New Poll and poll results

A new poll has gone up over at Our new question is “Which of the upcoming conference would you most like to attend?”

  • AAG
  • ESRI Dev Summit
  • Where 2.0
  • Of course we would all like the freedom of travel to make to all of the conferences, but we are making you choose just one of these great choices.

    As for the last poll, we had 211 responses to the question: “What type of Geographer are you?” The results were as follows:

  • Physical – 15%
  • Human – 25%
  • GIScience – 37%
  • Cartographer – 22%
  • The London Underground map gets a silver and gold treatment

    Suck UK's Tube Map Mirror For those of you in the UK (the company doesn’t do international shipping), modetwentyone has a very cool decorative mirror with the London Underground map laser etched onto its surface. For only £59 (about $83 US), you can have this lovely mirror in your own home, and be able to admire its iconic imagery whenever you wish.

    Contest Question 3

    Question 3 is up and ready for answering. The question this week is: What new photo-based 3D rendering technology was used to capture Obama’s inauguration ceremony?

    The third question can be accessed on the front page of the website. If you missed the first question you can still access it at The contest is open to anyone however only US residents are eligible for the Grand Prize. Correctly answering each week’s question will give you an entry in the contest (1 per question) and following VerySpatial on Twitter before Feb 11 will give you an additional three (3) entries. Good Luck and be sure to come back next Tuesday for the final contest question.

    The Grand Prize will be a Flip Mino video camera for you to capture your geographic adventures.

    Google Ocean…?

    PCPro in the UK is reporting that Google may unveil a new product in its family of mapping tools – Google Ocean!  The application would feature topographic layers of the ocean floor, underwater photos, and even points of interest like famous ship wrecks.  For those intreguied by the inner space, this should be great!  Now call me when someone makes the first Google Earth Pirates of the Ocean Text and Map Adventure Game (TM) 🙂

    Open Journals in Geography and geospatial technologies

    I have recently been looking at Open Journals for various types of content. Open Journals are freely accessible online journals, some are digital versions of traditional journals while others are electronic only published in new ways and under Creative Commons license. Below is a list of some of the Open Journals that are available in Geography and geospatial technologies. If you know of others, please mention them in the comments.

  • ACME Journal for Critical Geographies
  • Applied GIS
  • Coordinates
  • ePerimetron
  • Forum Geografic
  • Hrcak: Portal of scientific journals of Croatia
  • International Journal of Health Geographics
  • International Journal of Navigation and Observation
  • Journal of Applied Sciences
  • Journal of Maps
  • Kotuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online
  • Shima: : the International Journal of Research into Island Cultures
  • Solstice: An Electronic Journal of Geography and Mathematics
  • URISA Journal
  • A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 184

    A VerySpatial Podcast
    Shownotes – Episode 184
    January 25, 2009

    Main Topic: Our conversation with Jim Quanci about the Autodesk Developer Network

  • Click to directly download MP3
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  • Click for the detailed shownotes

    Read More

    Decorating with Globes

    Apartment Therapy has a short but sweet post on using globes for decorating in the home. Looking into globes and decorating further I found the George Glazer Gallery, sellers of antiquarian globes, maps, and prints NYC, which has several videoas and articles. I think the coolest ones are the tellurians and orreries. An interesting site about map collecting s the blog Map the Universe about the author’s quest to begin antique map collecting. A recent blog highlights the line between collecting and obsession. It states that, ” Scalpel happy and wealthy British book collector Farhad Hakimzadeh has been sentenced to two years in prison for slicing out pages and maps from rare books in the British Library. “

    More VR CAVE demos – our XNA virtual landscape application

    I have really slacked off on the postings on the blog while I work on my research stuff, but I’ve finally got some pictures of my XNA virtual world application up and running in the VR CAVE at WVU. We had to do some tweaking because XNA is DirectX-based, so it runs on a separate setup from the Conduit and doesn’t affect that configuration. The demo that you see in the photos is our Virtual Morgantown project, and we are slowing filling out the landscape by re-texturing all of our 350+ SketchUp models that were used in the 1st generation ArcScene project, and then exporting them to .FBX for use in the XNA application. So far, it’s running great, and we’ve already created several small scenes and even have weather particle systems running. Everyone’s favorite so far is the snowy Morgantown landscape!

    Just a reminder that the CAVE utilizes stereo 3D, so the photos are a little blurry because they show the double images that are drawn to give the stereo effect.

    XNA in CAVE

    Closeup XNA in CAVE

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