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Episode 118 feeds fixed

Apparently there was an issue with both the AAC and MP3 feeds for this weeks podcast which kept it from being downloaded. I have fixed the issue and the episode should be available to your podcatcher very soon. Thanks to Andrew for letting me know about the issue!


RapidoMapSome of you may recall me blogging about Magrathea over the summer, a nice little georeferencing tool for your desktop documents on Mac which used actual Lat/Long as opposed to image coordinates. Apparently over the summer the software was picked up by app4mac and has been renamed RapidoMap. It remains freeware and but other than a few interface changes and being able to switch between aerial and street backdrops, the software remains pretty much the same. It still offers Flickr uploads for your referenced photos and allows you to search your desktop files by location, which can actually be useful if you travel a lot and your looking for a picture taken at a certain location. All-in-all I still recommend that folks check out this handy little app on the mac.

RapidoMap from

Yahoo Research PhD Student Fellowships

It never rains but it pours, so while I wait for ArcMap to finish export yet another map, I wanted to let you fellow grad students out there know about the 2008-2009 Yahoo! PhD Student Fellowships. They are looking for people in a number of areas of research related to developing/programming, but check out the announcement, as there may be some creative ways to play up your work. The benefits include full tuition and fees for 2 years, $1000 gift to your academic department, and invitations to research events. The deadline for applications is December 14, 2007, and you can find the full details here.

A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 118

A VerySpatial Podcast
Shownotes – Episode 118
October 21, 2007

Main Topic: Geographic Exploration Systems

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    Pixelmator and Core Location

    Ed mentioned Pixelmator a while back as a great new Mac-only image editor. It offers most of the tools that the normal Photoshop user uses.

    But the impressive thing isn’t Pixelmator itself, it’s the fact that it is built using technology that is built into the OS, Core Image, so that many of the tools in the software are simple adds from the MacOS X Developers Tools. In addition to Core Image and Core Animation and Core Audio, all of which get a boost in a week when 10.5 is released. With these tools built in to Mac OS X, which makes developers lives easier, how long will we have to wait for Core Location services. Open Source is great, but what happens when geocoding, routing, projection and other common GIS functions are made available as prebuilt libraries directly in the OS. More geospatial tools and innovation that’s what…so write your local linux programmer, send Steve Jobs a happy thought, or just get Microsoft to incorporate MapPoint and VE technologies into a version of Windows that doesn’t frighten everyone and wait for the location based fun to begin.

    Happy Median…find the middle

    Happy Median is a different sort of site that was featured on the last Tekzilla. The upshot of the site is that you can put in between 2-4 addresses and the site will find the halfway point between the addresses. The median of my last three zip codes is just outside of Roanoke, VA. You can determine a place to meet friends halfway such as restaurants, diners, golf courses, coffee shops, or lodging. Find out the half-way point between you and somewhere else.

    AAG panel participants

    The New Media panel for the AAG in Boston (April 08) is turning out nicely and we are going with an education theme. I would like to get one more person on the panel so that I can just moderate (yup, I am that lazy) so if you are going to be at the AAG and you are interested in New Media in Geography Education (formal and informal) send me an email. Also, I will be in the Geography Education student paper competition with a paper on basically the same topic as the panel if you are interested in my spiel.

    AVSP Roadshow – ESRIUC 07 – Vendors 2

    This audio is from the the showroom floor at the 2007 ESRI User Conference. We speak to folks from Virtual Earth, 3n, UNIGIS, IMTA.

    Click here to download the episode in MP3 format

    GAW contest – Week 3

    Week 3’s contest question. This week we actually getting VSTV into the question. Click through to the answer the question. If you haven’t answered the question from weeks 1 or 2 you have until Nov 7 to go back and answer it.

    BBC travels the Northwest Passage

    A story to round out Blog Action Day about current research along the Northwest Passage that will likely soon have new environmental finds. The BBC has had a press crew on the vessel (the Amundsen) that has been passing through the Northwest Passage and they have been showing some of the video on BBC World News for the last week, but you can also view these videos online on BBC web site. There are many Geography questions raised in the video from the scientific mission of the ship across the Northwest Passage to the political issues surrounding the question of whether it lies in national versus international waters.

    Either way there should be a significant amount of environmental research to come out of the voyage and work over the next couple of years. You can check out a detailed diary of the journey across the Northwest Passage on the BBC website.

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