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VSTV Episode 22 – Cemetery Geography

Cemeteries aren’t just for frightening children in ghost stories, they are a connection to our past. In this episode, Christine Titus joins us to talk about how cemeteries support cultural geography research.

Click here to download VSTV Episode 22 (32 MB)

Arctic Sea Ice Loss 1979-2007

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has released a video today showing visually the ice loss in the Arctic Sea from 1979-2007. The video is pretty impressive showing the degree of loss over the last 30 years or so. The video is linked on the right hand side along with some flat photo images.

Book – “Geospatial Analysis”

I am not sure how I missed something like this, but Drs de Smith, Goodchild, and Longley, released a book entitled Geospatial Analysis – a comprehensive guide. Now in its second edition (2006, 2007), the important thing about the book, beyond the content and the reputation of the authors, is that while you can get a bound version or PDF for a charge, there is an amazing amount of information available on the website…aka the book. This is a great resource for those who need to look up something quickly or for those who are new to geospatial analysis methods and tools and need a strong introduction. The sections of the book are:

  • Conceptual Frameworks for Spatial Analysis
  • Historical and Methodological Context
  • Building Blocks of Spatial Analysis
  • Data Exploration and Spatial Statistics
  • Surface and Field Analysis
  • Network and Location Analysis
  • Geocomputational methods and modelling
  • While this are the broad sections, the book gets into some great details like Trend analysis of continuous data (under ESDA) and Verification and calibration of agent-based models (under Geosimulation). I will definitely be talking about this in Episode 120 this weekend, and I will try to get a review of the web version up in the next couple of weeks.

    GAW contest – Week 5

    Week 5’s contest question is an homage to Shrek and our first short answer question. Click through to the answer the question. If you haven’t answered the questions from weeks 1-4 you have until Nov 7 to go back and answer them.

    A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 119

    A VerySpatial Podcast
    Shownotes – Episode 119
    October 28, 2007

    Main Topic: Geography of monsters (aka, cryptozoology)

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    Nice write-up On Landsat Data Continuity Mission

    On Thursday, NASA posted a nice short article on their Landsat mission website summarizing the planning for the Landsat Data Continuity Mission. The planned launch is July 2011, and Ball Aerospace and Technology won the contract this summer to build the Operational Land Imager instrument which will be the primary sensor for LCDM.

    With Landsat 5 experiencing more problems, it’s even more critical for the remote sensing research community that the new instrument gets built and launched successfully.

    Episodes are delayed

    Kind of busy this weekend…we will hopefully be recording avsp Sunday and I will try to have it up late Monday night. VSTV episode 22 is recorded and will go up early on Wednesday, the Geography of cemeteries. In the mean time head over to the QGIS blog to check out some of their new webcasts to get you up and running with the great open source GIS. It can get you started with the new version 0.9.0.

    The National Map Corps

    This one definitely gets filed under the “I did not know that” category (a fairly substantial category as you might imagine). Apparently for a few years now the USGS has hosted volunteers through The National Map Corps. By volunteering you receive an area (quad sheet or less) in which you and your trusty GPS unit go out and gather information on commonly mapped features (churches, schools, communications) and send in the information to be included in the National Map. After you have completed the initial data acquisition you are also supposed to send in changes over time (demolition, name change, etc) to help keep the National Map up-to-date. A cool idea that has been echoed more recently in TomTom’s Mapshare and of course the more ambitious OSM. If you like to spend time with your GPS unit you should look into the TNMC.

    USGS Geography: The National Map Corps

    Groundspeak Forums – talking geocaching

    In my recent stumbles around the web I came across an extensive set of forums on geocaching over at the Groundspeak Forums. On the site (which is related to there are plenty of topics to choose from including geocaching groups from several countries, geocaching adventures, GPS in education and even an online GPS garage sale. So if you are looking for a GPS adventure head over to the forums to find out what is happening.

    Groundspeak Forums

    GAW contest – Week 4

    Week 4’s contest question ties in to the folks over at Platial. Click through to the answer the question. If you haven’t answered the question from weeks 1-3 you have until Nov 7 to go back and answer it.

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